Club Rules

  • All club members and visiting racers are required to take an active part in the running of the club. This includes helping with the setting up and packing away of the track markers and carpet.
  • Marshalling – you are required to marshal as directed by race control at the positions indicated by the yellow bibs.
  • Mini pin tyres are not permitted.
  • The only tyre additive allowed will be the odourless type as listed in the BRCA handbook.
  • Any car considered to be causing damage to the race surface will be instructed to stop.
  • Bad language and shouting at the marshals will not be tolerated.
  • All drivers should have current BRCA membership.
  • Additive restricted to non oil based additives .
  • All Lipo’s should be charged in lipo sacks.
  • All smoking must be done outside and butts not to be left on the floor.
  • Damaged cars, be that a wheel missing, or loose body shell must be removed from the race track by a marshal.
  • If you are fixing a damaged car you must select another driver to marshal on your behalf and notify the race director.
  • Please ensure your table is cleaned before being packed away at the end of the evening.

GT12 Rules

  • As per BRCA rules that can be found here with the exception to body shells.

12th Scale Rules

  • Cars will run to the current BRCA rules found here and to an open format. The body shell rule can be disregarded.

Buggy Rules

We don’t have any strict buggy rules but we recommend and most will be running:

  • 2wd buggy
  • 13.5t motor
  • 2s battery
  • No turbo or boost

If you have any questions about this please contact us about your queries. You are more than welcome to come and run a 4wd buggy. If your buggy has a lower turn motor in it we ask that you limit your throttle to improve the racing for you and others in your race, although as we have a fairly small track the extra power wouldn’t be utilised anyway